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Cylinders for traditional textile printing

Very bad pollution for the earth
Cylinders for traditional textile printing
One color for each cylinder
Print result from traditional printing 3 color print

Print result from traditional printing 3 color print
The concentration of traditional textile printing in the world today
The concentration of traditional textile printing in the world yesterday
Digital textile printing
Digital textile printing
16.7 million colors
Print result from digital textile,

Print result from digital textile,
everything is possible
Digital textile printing will turn the production sources up side down
Digital textile printing will turn the production sources up side down


Digital textile printing differs in no way from traditional textile printing when it comes to the expected known textile qualities.


Digital Textile Printing is taking over because it is the sustainable textile production required today by all.




True Ecological textile printing can only be digital printing:

Pigment printing does not have any wastful use of water it is a total clean process, no screens or cylinders are used, no excessive dyes to be washed out.
Thanks to developments in the last few years we can today print quality pigment printing. The colors are as bright and we have after consumer machine washing results at 60 C. without any color loss also pigment printed fabrics are the favored solution for color fastness to light. Digital Reactive printing needs steam fixation and after washing before the final result is achieved and it is beautifull bright in the colors and soft. With reactive digital printing the colors migrate into the fabric fibers with the result of high rub test wanted for upholstery.


100 Million images / designs available in database for digital textile printing:

Digital textile printing removes all traditional limitations in design creating, no limitation in numbers of colors 16million color prints are possible and no limitation in repeat sizes, as no screens or rotary cylinders are used in the printing process.
That opens the possibilities in design creation never seen before. Depositphoto says we have
over 100 million high-quality royalty-free stock images and high-definition footage at the best prices to fill all your creative needs 1$ each. That is an incredible offer.
Try and do a search using this key words: nature tropical seamless. You will get an amazing result over 80.000 images in repeat ready to print fashion, furnishing at PrintTex.
Try to use this key words: small flowers seamless and over 13.000 files are available to use. You want bigger choice ok remove the key word seamless and you have over 114.000 images to chose from. At PrintTex you will find an auto repeat function when you order printed fabric. If you have PhotoShop latest version the program has repeat function. At PrintTex you can upload your own designs as well. If you find it more comfortable to create your own repeats before uploading their is a great free PhotoShop add on tool on
The art of creation beautiful prints has become making the selection and maybe some image manipulation, it is all their available to use on-line over 80 million images plus your own creations, no showroom or shop in the World can offer such a selection. This combined with on-demand digital textile printing and when ecological pigment printing using only sustainable fabrics in stock Øko-Tex 100.
It is now available for all. Any digital textile printing operator can now offer this service by installing on their web pages fabric printing ordering software as seen on



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