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Textile Designs 100 million images in the database


Image database


100 Million images / designs for digital textile printing that we now have available in on-line database :

Digital textile printing removes all traditional limitations in design creating, no limitation in numbers of colors 16million color prints are possible and no limitation in repeat sizes, as no screens or rotary cylinders are used in the printing process.
That opens the possibilities in design creations never seen before.

The new way for designer fabrics, custom digital textile printing,  reduces prices.
In databases like you can select from over 100  million images in high resolution, cost 1 USD each.  When you specify seamless or tiled, the designs will be in repeat.
If you have photoshop their is a very nice free add on tool, that will make any image/design in repeat:
You can then come to the web site upload your design,  see the design repeated, select your fabric and select quantity wanted.  They deliver within a few days.
This is the sure way for you to be able to offer your clients what ever design they want for drapery, cushions, upholstery and fashion.
Please note that customfabric are adding new base fabrics often, for you to chose from, for printing your designs.

The art of creation beautiful prints has become making the selection and maybe some image manipulation, it is all their available to use on-line over 100 million images plus your own creations, no showroom or shop in the World can offer such a selection. This combined with on-demand digital textile printing and with ecological printing using only sustainable fabrics Øko-Tex 100 are showing the way for the future and a better cleaner World.
This is now available for all.

Please register with as interior decorator and they will honor 25% trade  discount with all your orders.


Art repeated by Orange tool in PhotoShop and next to the repeated image details of the artwork how it will be printed at customfabric

Designs for sustainable digital textile printing without limitation

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